Road show

CONFEUROPA AFRICA, as part of its training services reserved for Members, members of the CTS, and Network, presents a new initiative: An outdoor road show with Team Meeting, aimed at studying new initiatives, activities and projects in partnership with Africa . The road show includes (optional) the use of sailing boats, through a collaboration established with Scuola di Mare S. Teresa (AmareST ssdrl), located in Lerici in the province of La Spezia. The commitment and the particular operating dynamics of the crews of a sailboat are a perfect metaphor for the teamwork necessary in multiple activities, and allow a moment of meeting between the associates, members of the CTS, Presidency, and Network, also combining the advantage of a pleasant and intense experience in an enchanting location.

Objectives of the road show and consistency with the sailing experience

  • Improve teamwork. Timing, coordination between the different crew members, working together, are essential for every maneuver on a sailing boat
  • Improving the spirit of belonging Cohesion and a sense of group are typical of good crews on a sailboat
  • Enhancing the exchange of information between people Rapid and effective communication and the same “language” used are a fundamental element in sailing.
  • Accelerate mutual knowledge between the members of a team or between members of several teams The speed in researching and finding an agreement on each maneuver to be carried out is a key point for every sailing crew
  • Improve the ability to plan, to do problem solving, to manage time. Few environments like that of the crews of a sailboat present a continuous need for adaptation, problem solving, speed in decisions and in the execution of tasks
  • Valuing the correct leadership styles. Participants will alternate in different roles, thus actively experimenting with different leadership approaches
  • Motivate a team and limit conflicts
  • Learning to listen constructively to others Only with good communication and mutual listening can a crew perform well.

The road show takes place over the weekend, arriving on Saturday 8 October and leaving on Sunday 9 October (1 night, 2 days). The Team Meeting will allow participants to bring out and stimulate behaviors, ideas, projects and activities that are increasingly appropriate to the objectives of the association (Confeuropa Africa).

You want to experience something special, and at the same time go to the discovery of the Gulf of Poets. An experience that tests the dynamics of our group, allowing everyone to give their contribution and bring out their skills in interacting with others for a strong team spirit. For the participants who will embark, no specific sailing / sailing skills are required. Participants will be followed by expert and qualified instructors from the S. Teresa sea school.


A small bay (the bay of S. Teresa) well sheltered, within the wide gulf of LaSpezia, ideal for sailing in any season. A context that is also landscape-worthy, which will allow you to combine the intense training program with moments of true relaxation in contact with nature.

Coastal navigation: Porto Venere, Palmaria with mooring in Lerici is led by the skipper Mariano GAMBINO of the long-experienced Sailing School. The Team Meeting is led by Prof. Francesco SCHIANCHI long-time trainer for public and private companies, lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano. A shuttle service will take non-embarked people to Lerici.

Cost of the Road Show in agreement

8-9 October 2022 – Lerici (SP)

Cost for each participant: GUEST

The cost includes:

  • Overnight stay Saturday night: Room 7: double room with sea view
  • Pranzo and dinner on Saturday
  • Sunday breakfast and lunch
  • Use of boats and equipment of the S.Teresa Sea School
  • Coaching instructors (in sailing)
  • Consultant support (Team Meeting)