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About us

General Presentation

Prezentare Generala

Presentazione Generale

Who we are

Confeuropa Group & Partners, a visionary project.

It is the adventure of people who believe that the development of a territory has its roots in its immaterial side, making this creed a purpose in life, against any prognosis, fighting any form of nihilism.

Since our founding, we have adhered to the highest standards of conduct in the way we manage our business and serve our customers.

A group of professionals with solid experience in international business consulting decided to gather their experience to create a new project that would help individual entrepreneurs and companies to expand their business in international markets.

It has ensured their presence in the most strategic markets in the world, and today, thanks to the solid and growing network of offices, we have become the ideal one-stop shop for internationalization, providing our customers with a wide range of dedicated and personalized services.


We are convinced that knowledge and experience are the foundations of a future in which the welfare of people is the product of sustainable development within our area of operation.

Pole of excellence

to become the pole of excellence in the development of individual and organizational knowledge.

International optics

to carry out its activity in an international perspective, tying collaborations and exchanges of experience with associations, universities, research entities and companies.

Exchange of ideas

to be a center for the exchange of ideas and debates on management consulting, training, local development and human resources.

Project management

to help the local economic and entrepreneurial community to acquire the culture of Project Management, as an organizational philosophy, behavior and management methodology.